It is not a new trend that people research every day to find new solutions to whiten their teeth as they get older. The teeth, however, tends to get dirty or become permanently brown as we age compared to when we were young. This has resulted in the frequent visit by people to their dentist to properly clean their teeth and make it look shiny just as it was supposed to look. Aside from the chemicals applied by the dentist and given the fact that after each clean, the teeth tend to return back to its formal brown state, has made people decide to source for a more natural way to achieve white teeth with no side effects. Which brings us to the “activated coconut charcoal powder”.

When you first hear of activated charcoal powder, what comes to your mind? Let me guess, the regular charcoal but in a powder form right? But no it’s not the same charcoal powder we are talking about. The activated charcoal powder is a more potent natural treatment used to absorb chemicals and toxins in the body and around our environments such as the kitchen, and our indoor and outdoor spaces. When used internally, the activated charcoal powder flushes out harmful toxins and dust from the body organs so that the body does not reabsorb them. The activated coconut charcoal powder, a product of Chaoji Europe Ltd is carefully made naturally from coconut shells. This all-encompassing natural treatment is commonly used effectively for treating poisoning, reduction of bloating, lowering cholesterol, treatment of bile and drug overdoses.

Thus, it begs the question how can activated coconut charcoal powder be used to whiten the teeth”? As doubting as that sounds, the Chaoji activate coconut charcoal powder have over the years prove to not only be effective in whitening the teeth but also have been highly recommended for whitening teeth with no side effect. Therefore, to answer the question above, the activated coconut charcoal powder whitens the teeth by absorbing the microscopic tidbits and plaque that inhibits or stain the teeth. This charcoal doesn’t just whiten your teeth, it also promotes good oral health by changing the Ph balance in the mouth and refreshing your breath while preventing gum disease. The benefits of the activated coconut charcoal powder are enormous and have led to many brands of it flooding the market. Thereby making it hard to find a true quality of it. As a result of this, Chaoji Europe Ltd advice all its valued customers to purchase directly from their site to get the best quality so as to avoid procuring any substandard product.


To use the Chaoji activated coconut powder is quite simple and does not require a manual. All you have to do is to dip a very clean and wet toothbrush into the powdered charcoal, gently lean over and quickly put the toothbrush covered with activated coconut charcoal powder into your mouth so as to avoid staining your sink. Then brush gently for like 2 minutes, spit out the remains in your mouth as you brush and rinse very well after brushing. You will notice how amazing your mouth will feel, how fresh your breath will be and how white your teeth will look. Also, it’s important to understand that this product is not magic so it requires consistency, therefore, use as often as possible and gradually given one day after the other, you will see a huge difference and you will testify too like many others.

In addition, it is very important to note the difference between other forms of charcoal and food/supplement grade activated charcoal. With that being said, we strongly advice to never use any other form of charcoal internally or in your mouth besides activated charcoal made from coconut shells. This is because other forms of charcoal that are not activated coconut charcoal can be very harmful to the body and could lead to serious organ damage when digested. Activated coconut charcoal compared to other forms of charcoal are medicinal and are made from coconut shells so do not use any activated charcoal that wasn’t made from coconut shell which is why we strongly advise our customers to purchase directly from us by contacting us either at our office or at our official website.



Activated coconut charcoal powder is very effective in removing teeth stains that occurred as a result of drinking coffee, wine or tea. By applying the Chaoji activated coconut charcoal to your teeth, it formulates properties that will soften and pull these stains off your teeth no matter how long they have been there. Though its useful for whitening the teeth, it might not be effective for those whose stained teeth was as a result of medical conditions.


This is a more frequent question asked by people. The Chaoji activated coconut charcoal powder is not too abrasive for the teeth. However, we advise those that are worried about its abrasiveness and those with sensitive teeth to just apply it on the surface of the teeth without brushing then rinse after 2 to 5 minutes of application. You can also use your regular toothpaste to compliment it after rinsing the charcoal powder off your mouth. This will also give you the same benefit as brushing with a toothbrush because the activated charcoal powder must have absorbed the stains.

In conclusion, Chaoji activated coconut charcoal powder is safe for ingest, however, you can always consult your dentist before trying this procedure to whitening your teeth and you can contact us at our official website for any questions too.