Every year people tend to have new goals to be achieved before that year runs out. Among the thousands of New Year resolution, you hear, living a healthy lifestyle is usually part of the major priorities. But yet the journey after this healthy lifestyle is usually confined to the popular and regular activity of having a good rest, eating nutritious meals and exercising. While these activities are highly recommended because of their benefits to the body, yet with each new year and new year’s resolution things still feel the same, and people don’t really feel that much change within them to have achieved their weight desires. So they make plans for next month, year and probably new resolutions. Moreover, tea as part of a healthy lifestyle has long been forgotten simply because it sounds too simple to add any tremendous effect or benefit to the overall health. Thus, forgetting that “it is those little things in life that makes the difference”. This, however, begs the question “what are the benefits of tea as part of your 2018 healthy lifestyle plans”? Before we answer that question it is important we know a little about tea.

After water, the most consumed drink in the world today is tea. Tea is a delightful aromatic beverage that is usually prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves of the camellia sinensis; every green shrub which is native to Asia. The benefits of tea to the human body are so numerous and cannot be neglected. It can keep you relaxed when things are tensed up, it can keep you warm when the atmosphere and season is cold. It can also chill you in the summer heat. No matter the season or occasion a cup of tea is always refreshing and soothing with tremendous benefit to the body. Therefore from the above we should start to see reasons why adding tea to our 2018 healthy lifestyle plans is very important. Here are some ideas on how to include tea as part of your lifestyle plan and its benefit.


Many New Year resolutions and plan always include having a perfect body weight and structure while this does not require much exercise but healthy balance diet, we often fail to keep up with it due to procrastination. For others, the easiest way to get in shape is to skip meals. In reality skipping meals doesn’t cut down fat or cholesterol in the body, it only makes you hungry. Taking a cup of organic green tea daily before you start your day can really go a long way towards helping you achieve your weight goals. Tea has no calories, it is the perfect dietary supplement that will not only keep you in shape but will also energized you throughout your weight management program


Many of the body break downs people experience is as result of excessive stress. Every day we strive to achieve our daily goals and sometimes our activities can be so hectic that it will toll on us. Therefore, there are many ways through which we can cut down stress. While exercising can relieve the body of stress, some exercise are known to contribute also to stress especially running. But a cup of morning boost tea can relax your muscles so well and give you a great goodnight rest. In addition, to that you can listen to your favorite music and spend time with your love ones. Also you can take the Chaoji camomile and honey green tea which is reputable for its antioxidants properties that aids in relieving the body of stress.


Exercising regularly is a great way to stay strong, fit and healthy. That is why this activity is in every one do list when aiming for better health. Exercising is not just enough to keep your body in shape rather regular exercise is what makes your body stronger and fit. This, however, is easier said than done given the fact that what causes our failure in exercise is that we give up the motivation that got us started after two to five sessions. To get motivated and remain energized while exercising, you need tea. Indeed water is great too to keep the body hydrated but tea contains nutritional antioxidants that will keep you energized and motivated. Tea especially the Ginseng Black Tea is reputable for its effectiveness in building up your muscle and filling you with energy.


Staying healthy is usually at the top of our life goals. A good health leads to a long life span and fulfilment. But as easy as it sounds, it’s really difficult to just stay healthy without encountering health challenges which might be as a result of our environment and what we eat. However there are things we can do to improve health instead and these include having healthier diets, engaging in more exercise and staying hydrated always by digesting healthy fluids such as tea as mentioned above. While green and matcha tea can help you relieve stress and keep you energized, liver Teatox can also be helpful in reducing the risk of encountering heart attack and stroke. So while making your plans to live a healthy life style this 2018, add tea as part of your dietary needs in case you haven’t because it can make you achieve your desired health faster.