Cookie Policy

Just like most companies, Chaoji Ltd website makes use of cookies. These cookies are just information shared between your web browser and our site. The use of cookies on our website enables us to provide you with a faster and user-friendly experience. We only utilize cookies to optimize our website’s performance, contents and also improve our user's experience. Thus, our cookies cannot read data or information on your computer’s hard drive. However, by navigating further into our website or closing this window, you accept our cookie policy.


Cookies are text file sent to your browser from our website which is saved either on your phone or computer depending on the device you used to access the internet. Cookies have many uses, but basically, they are used to save information about your activity on the internet


Session cookies: These cookies are only used during your web session and will automatically delete when your browser is closed. This cookie allows you to keep products selected into your cart or basket while shopping and also to prevent you from login to each page of our website so you can have the most pleasing experience ever.

Persistent cookies: unlike the sessional cookies, these cookies remain in operation even when you have closed your browser. We use this cookie to help you remember your login details and password so you don’t have to type them again each time you want to log in.

Third-party cookies: The function of this cookie is to analyze your interaction with our website for an entity that does not own our website. The sole purpose of this is to carry out research into demographics and preference.

NOTE: We do not use cookies for any other purpose except as described in this policy and we do not share any personal information with third-parties as started in our privacy policy.


To enhance performance: we use cookies to enable us to determine how visitors use our site. For instance, the names of products you viewed recently and consistently. These cookies do not collect any personal information about users, they only collect anonymous information that will help us determine which products our customers demand most so we can help in providing more quality and standard service.

To improve functionality: These cookies are put in place to allow our website remember the choices you have made. For example, your language preference, country, and username. The information collected from this cookies enables us to analyze the number of customers demanding our products from other counties outside the UK and to enable us to include more features to our website to better satisfy our valued customers. Also, these cookies allow the website to remember and retain the changes you have made to your account.

Note: The information gathered is completely anonymous and does not include any of your personal information.


Cookies are not permanent, they delete themselves after a certain number of months usually after 6 months but are automatically updated when you visit the website again.