Slimming Tea

Weight loss is a goal for many people. It is the most popular New Year’s resolution and something most of us consider at some point in our lives. Unfortunately there are many misconceptions that surround weight loss and these misconceptions often cause people to take extreme and unhealthy measures to reduce weight. Weight loss is a gradual process that should be undertaken with care, and one way to set the process rolling in a significant way is through the consumption of slimming tea. Slimming tea is most effective when consumed alongside a healthy diet and a consistent exercise routine.

Slimming Teas refer to beverages such as Green tea or Herbal tea that contain natural ingredients which boost the body’s metabolism. The ingredients contained in such beverages also provide numerous other health benefits including the lowering of blood pressure, reduced risk of high cholesterol and constipation and many more.

Slimming Tea is formulated using a variety of natural ingredients and herbs that are blended together to make the perfect weight loss beverage. Drinking slimming tea twice a day helps to increase the metabolism and boost the fat-burning process. Slimming tea also contributes to reducing the amount of fat your body absorbs from the food you eat. When consumed alongside a sensible diet and light exercise, one can enhance the impact of slimming tea twofold.


Various institutions across the world have carried out studies to ascertain the slimming qualities of Green tea. One study conducted at Fudan University in Shanghai, China monitored the effects of Green tea consumption on body weight and body fat mass. Over 180 adults who were moderately overweight were divided into four groups with each group consuming Green tea containing a different amount of catechins. After 90 days the weight and fat mass of the participants has measured again and the results showed that the group that consumed the highest concentration of catechins experienced the greatest body fat loss, reduction of body weight and waist conference.

The research demonstrated that Green tea boosts the weight loss process and results in a reduction of body fat. The results also showed that the effects of Slimming tea are particularly strong on fat reserves in the abdominal region.

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